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As You Like It

Conceptual Design

A contemporary Skakespeare set in a layby of a motorway.  A family are on their way to a traditional rendition of 'As You Like It' on an estate, but their car breaks down on the journey there.  The youngest member of the family, a gameboy fanatic with a wild imagination, is left in the car to his own devices.  Out of boredom the boy begines to imagine the world of the story.  Soon his surroundings and the people around him become characters in his very own gameboy version of 'As You Like It.'  


My greatest challenge was making Hymen's magical appearance credible in this modern adaption; he appears as if out of thin air and saves the day without any characters questioning him.  In my concept, the character is an actor playing Hymen from the estate production.  He happens to pull over into the layby to buy a hotdog on his way to the show.  Script in hand he is rehearsing his lines at the moment his character is needed during the boy's imaginary play. 

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