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Errol's Garden

Set and Costume Designer

​​An interactive musical based on the Gillian Hibbs book.  Errol and Tia get creative and rally the community together to build a rooftop garden.

Book, music and lyrics by Caroline Wigmore & Jen Green, Golden Toad Theatre.

"What an innovative interpretation of such a lovely book.  It was such a joy watching our son totally engrossed in it." Abiha, parent from Sutton.

"The snails are the best thing and the music is so good.  I didn't know Errol was real!" Burak, age 5.

"I was really amazed to see my very active 3-year-old son fully engaged in the show.  It was his first time seeing live theatre, he had no idea what to expect yet the whole experience was incredibly positive for us all." Katie, parent from Sutton.

Director: Kate Golledge

Musical director: Josh Sood

Associate Director &

Choreographer:Anna Hale

Lighting Designer: Holly Ellis

Stage Manager: Leonora Nicholson

Production Manager: Callum Finn

Photos: Harry Elletson

Venue: London Tour

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