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Island Nation

Design Associate

Sri Lanka, 2009. A 26-year civil war between the government and the Tamil Tigers was coming to an end. The United Nations, the media and all independent witnesses were banned from entering the war zone.  Based on true events, Island Nation laid bare the true human cost of what still remains a black hole in history.

My role was to make sure that the set and costumes fit the designer's concept and the fast pace, profusely choreographed nature of the production.  I assisted the model making and set build.  I also distressed and painted into some of the costumes. 

Director: Ria Parry

Designer: James Button

Video Design: Louise Rhoades-Brown

Composer and Sound Design: Harry Blake

Lighting Design: Katy Morison

Costume Supervisor: Sades Robinson

Photos: Jon Holloway 

Venue: the Arcola Theatre, London 

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