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The Witches and the Singing Mice

Designer and Maker

One condensed week of R&D at the Unicorn Theatre: a chance to explore Jenny Nimmo's tale of two highland cats out to save the sleeping children of the witch-infested, mouse-enslaved village of Glenmagraw.  At the end of the week a shortlist of scenes were shared with an audience after which a feedback session gave way.  The performance was part-costumed with a heavier focus on the relationship between the cast, their instruments and vocals, and the props and puppets they acquired.  The energy and sound of each character correlated with the melody of the instrument being used.  One example of this is when Granny Pine described a scene with the aid of a harp, her strumming and drumming created a magical night soundscape.  Another example is when we masked bells and shakers inside the glove mice puppets so they could have signature sounds, which in turn effected their character.  I sourced and made the props, puppets and costumes.

Director: Chloe France

Musical Director: Dan Jarvis

Movement Director: Mita Pujara

Photos: Phill Tull and Isobel Nicolson

Venue: Unicorn Theatre

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